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    Customer Satisfaction and Client Testimonials

    Unisoft Datatech is a professional back office data processing services provider company located in Ahmedabad, India. Founded in 2002, Unisoft Datatech is the preeminent supplier of back office administrative services, including online and offline Data Entry Services, data processing, web and data research and scanning services, bookkeeping, accounting data entry, and comprehensive accounting services.

    Our project and client approach is designed to support the client organization, and we provide full account and project management to ensure a positive outcome and an appropriate level of client communication throughout every phase of the project. Our team functions as an extension of the client team, allowing the client to focus on core competencies with complete confidence in the integrity and security of their critical data.

    Our mission is to provide the best back offices solutions available in the market today. You will not find another service provider that is more flexible or responsive! Our goal is to support the client with any and all back office technology tasks and to accurately and effectively complete these projects. When a client has a unique or unusual requirement, we focus on the need, taking the time to explore the best options and to provide appropriate solutions to satisfy the client requirement. We do not stop at ‘standard services’. Instead, we suggest new solutions and, where necessary, we offer technologies or create new solutions to satisfy the client need.

    Our client satisfaction is excellent as evidenced by our impressive client testimonials.

    It has been a pleasure to work with Unisoft, the project manager handled the whole process very smoothly and in a very short turnaround time the team accurately delivered the task: Enrich a list of Spanish companies with contact details and social links.

    – Mr. Daniel (Spain)

    We have been working Unisoft Datatech for almost 10 years. We are very happy with the service and quality of work. The turnaround times have been amazing, even on very big projects.
    We highly recommend Unisoft Datatech to any company who is looking for data processing services.

    – Mr. Dan (USA)

    It was a pleasure working with you and your company on our data extraction project. You were very communicative and did exactly as we asked. We will be using your company again in the future for additional lists.

    – Mr. Jason (USA)

    The work carried out by Unisoft, was competitive, quality and very efficient. Pleasure doing business.
    Thanks for your help

    – Mr. Ennis (UK)

    My first experience working with Haresh Patel through Unisoft has been a wonderful experience. I first came to him with the need to convert my current book file that needed to be converted to an ebooks word document. He made this seamless as emailing him and directly providing me assistance with the conversion. The process took just about a week to get through but only due to the detail Haresh gave to the project. I was more than satisfied as Haresh was always open and gave clear direct contact as to how long the project would take to turn around. Thank you Ubisoft and Haresh for making the process of this project extraordinary.

    – Mr. Michael (USA)

    We asked Unisoft Datatech to convert hundreds of PDF files into fully-searchable text files. Some of these PDFs were recent and easy to convert. Some of the PDFs were older, or were scanned copies, and were much harder to convert. Unisoft Datatech did very nice work with all of them. They worked quickly and were responsive as soon as we sent the files. They were also well organized—always returning the files in the same groups that we had sent them so that we could easily add them to our database. When we first started the project, we asked Unisoft Datatech to make several changes in how they were converting the files to get them into the exact format that we needed. They were happy to adjust their process to conform to what we needed, and maintained our requests throughout all of the conversions they did for us. They wanted to make sure they were providing the work product as we needed it. They were also good with communication. There were a few files that were not convertible because the PDF copies were of too poor quality. They let always let us know exactly which files were unconvertible so that we could keep track.
    Overall, we were pleased with Unisoft Datatech’s work and their quick turnover time, and would use them again for similar projects.

    – Mr. Benjamin (USA)

    We enjoyed working with your team. I particularly appreciated your team’s ability to scale to meet our volume requirements.

    – Mr. Patrick (USA)

    We were very happy with the timeliness and quality of the work that Unisoft undertook for our company. We will be using your company again soon. Thank you.

    – Mr. William (UK)

    I was able to download and review the documents that you transcribed for this project. Unisoft Datatech’s transcription work was very satisfactory from both a quality and timeliness standpoint.
    I would also like to thank you for your patience in navigating the University’s logistical intricacies and for your attentive customer service. Both of these qualities made working with Unisoft Datatech very pleasant and I will give a strong recommendation to working with Unisoft Datatech on potential future projects.

    – Mr. Charles (USA)

    We were very happy with Unisoft Datatech’s work! They were easy to talk to and gave a quick turnaround time on our fast paced work requirement. I will use them in the future! Thank you!

    – Mr. Jason (USA)

    I really appreciate your fast response as I was on a tight timeline and you did a GREAT job. Plus your estimated cost is very attractive for future projects. I am sure I will have larger projects for you in the future. You really made my job MUCH easier as I was able to manipulate the data on excel for my model but did not need to spend the time to input everything. Your philosophy of proving your value up front is a good one as you have earned me as a customer in the future!

    – Mr. Oleg (USA)

    You have done a fantastic job. I really enjoy working with you and am looking forward to continue working with you on this project

    – Ms. Velia (The Netherlands)

    Everything looks wonderful. Job well done

    – Ms. Anne (France)

    Beautiful work!! Your company is terrific

    – Mr. Steve (Australia)

    We had an excellent experience working with Unisoft Datatech. Their work was of the highest professional quality with excellent communication throughout the process. We would definitely work with them again

    – Mr. Andrew (USA)

    Unisoft Datatech worked both professionally and promptly to meet our data entry needs and we praise them for their continued support of our data entry and Data Conversion Projects

    – Mr. Gary (UK)

    The work is perfect – and I have already forwarded your name and email to another contact of mine in Italy who would like to use your services

    – Mr. Roberto (USA)

    Thank you once again – you are doing a good job. I have personally visited the Unisoft Datatech facility and work stations in Ahmedabad and met with the management Team and technical team and was very impressed with their setup

    – Mr. Ulrik (Sweden)

    We will certainly use you again for future projects

    – Ms. Savannah (USA)

    Unisoft Datatech has been absolutely amazing! They have a very quick turnaround time, their quality of work is top tier, and the line of communication is always open. We are very satisfied with their services!
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

    – MS. Gina Goodson (USA)

    Unisoft Datatech has been a joy for us to work with at Redfin. Their services are quick, reliable, and delivered with quality

    – MS. Ana de Guzman (USA)

    Extremely happy & content with the quality of work provided by this company. Not only are they professional, their turn around time is on point, very communicative especially during holiday breaks, very polite, respectful, & we’ve worked well together. Definitely would recommend them to someone else.

    – BMGM Markers

    We are one of the fastest growing service providers in this competitive market. Our global client base includes clients in many time zones and geographic locations – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, France and Hong Kong.

    If you would like to engage the services of a dedicated, customer focused global back office service provider, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your project.