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    Document Conversion

    Unisoft Datatech is a professional back office data conversion, data entry and data processing services company. Our team is skilled in the design and use of many technical platforms, languages, data bases, tools, and utilities and we have successfully completed hundreds of back office administrative projects for our clients. We have a wealth of experience in data entry, data processing, data conversion, and document conversion services and technologies.

    Document conversion services can involve converting paper documents like memos, reports or even images into electronic documents, or it might involve converting an electronic document into another electronic format; for example, a project might involve converting a white paper created in Microsoft Word to a PDF format, or perhaps your project requires converting spreadsheet entries into a comma delimited file. We can do it all!

    Our services are broad and deep and can include and of the following tasks:

    • Data from or to word processors
    • From plain text documents into documents with fields
    • From forms into Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect or Lotus Word Pro
    • Data from or to spreadsheets
    • Convert raw data into Microsoft Office, Corel Word Perfect or Lotus Word Pro
    • Text to PDF
    • XML conversion
    • PowerPoint to word processing formats
    • Spreadsheets to work processing formats
    • PDF to Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect or Lotus Word Pro
    • Data compilation in Adobe PDF from several Sources
    • Data to or from eBooks
    • From PageMaker to PDF
    • From various formats into a report format
    • From Microsoft Word to HTML
    • From text to Word Perfect
    • Conversion of documents to or from a comma delimited file
    • From Corel Word Perfect to Microsoft Word or Lotus Word Pro or any exchange among the three systems
    • From articles, magazines, books or other publications to various formats
    • Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning
    • Optical mark recognition (OMR)
    • Intelligent character recognition (ICR)

    If you do not see the service you require in the listing above, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your unique document conversion needs. We provide document conversion services from and to various file and media formats. Document conversion can take your documents from simple text into a searchable document format as well as PDF, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, and other formats. We have extensive technical expertise in this area, and we can address simple and complex conversion requirements.

    If you are interested in finding out more about Unisoft Datatech document conversion and data conversion services.