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    Cost to Value Equation

    How do you measure the quality of back office services when compared to the cost of the services provided? At Unisoft Datatech we believe our clients should receive significant measurable value in exchange for their investment in our services. We are a professional back office data processing services company and the preeminent supplier of back office administrative services, including online and offline Data Entry Services, data processing, web and data research and scanning services, bookkeeping, accounting data entry, and comprehensive accounting services.

    We provide significant value to our clients and we are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

    • 18+ Years of Experience
    • Dependable Quality Processes
    • Cutting Edge Back Office Skills
    • Knowledgeable Management
    • Robust Reporting Procedures
    • Full Access Six Days per Week
    • Experienced Scanning, OCR Services
    • Full Range of Web Research Services
    • Financial Projections and Bookkeeping Skills
    • Focused, Accurate Data Entry, and Data Conversion
    • World-Class Infrastructure
    • Client Focus
    • Excellent Customer Satisfaction Ratings
    • Structured Account Management
    • Affordable Price Structure
    • Flexible Costing
    • Optimum Use of Resources
    • Fixed Pricing
    • Time and Materials Pricing
    • Optimum Cost Controls
    Our clients enjoy a rich array of services and customer focused attention. These factors are combined with our project approach, our quality initiatives and our team training and offshore advantages, to set us apart from the competition. We encourage you to explore our full array of services and the competitive and business advantages these services provide. We are one of the fastest growing service providers in this competitive market. Our global client base includes clients in many time zones and geographic locations – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, France and Hong Kong.
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