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    Web Data Research

    Unisoft Datatech offers premium web data research services to meet the needs of for a variety of client requirements. Our web and internet research services are the services most often requested by our global clients. In addition to research services to define business trends, refine strategies, and product planning, we also offer web research on a variety of subjects including history, politics, medicine, law, literature, finance, annual reports and performance, and more.

    Your organization can employ our web data research services to answer critical competitive questions, perform research for new products or service offerings, find out what type of customers are buying certain products or even how a market is changing. We can help you locate, categorize and organize data for pricing, white papers, articles, and newsletters and to produce reports and analyze trends.

    While the internet is overflowing with information, it is often difficult to find what you need and sort through the irrelevant data to produce a meaningful, organized portfolio of data you can use to make business decisions. When you work with Unisoft Datatech professionals, you are ensured that we will optimize our time and processes to find only the most relevant data in a timely manner. We do not take shortcuts, but we do recognize the value of your investment and we know that you want to make progress quickly and that your business is changing rapidly. We know you need only the best, most usable information and that is what we deliver – on time and on budget!

    Web data research and internet data research can span a wide spectrum of topics, with a broad focus or a very specific focus and it can incorporate many tasks.

    • Researching competitive web sites
    • Web-wide searches for product or pricing information
    • Categorization of information by date, publication, relevance
    • Data mining or extraction of data
    • Summarization, reporting and analysis
    • Historical, medical, legal or other types of research
    • Research for organizations, associations or events
    • Technical data research
    • Contacts, names, addresses for prospects, clients, investors, or partners
    • Statistical data for use in reports or plans

    The nature of the web data research and the scope and model for the project are dictated by the business need. Our services are flexible and our professional staff is well-skilled in web data research projects. We can help you define your goals and plan the schedule, the budget and the results, so your organization can confidently plan for project success.

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