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    The Unisoft Datatech Advantage

    If you are looking for a back office, administrative services technology provider with affordable pricing and dedicated client focused service, you have come to the right place! The combination of our favorable location, skills and knowledge, technical and business experience and dedicated team members provides a significant business advantage for our clients.

    • Data Security and IPR Protection – Our security and quality procedures and policies ensure that every client can rest easy, knowing their data will be protected. Proprietary, confidential and competitive data is treated with the utmost respect and our security policies are designed to provide multiple layers of security, validation and verification at physical and logical levels, so there is never any doubt about the privacy of your data!

    • Advantage India – Our offices are located in Ahmedabad, India. This location ensures access to the best technical and business resources, affordable services, dependable technical infrastructure and the best city and government support for business professionals and entities. We pass this advantage on to our clients in the form of cost-effective, affordable business and back office solutions and dependable, timely, responsive project services.

    • Outsourcing Advantages – Our clients can focus on the most critical business initiatives and on core tasks, with complete confidence in our back office services. We function as a true extension of your staff and our services are always focused on client satisfaction and timely, accurate completion of projects and support tasks. There is no need to add permanent staff to support your core business activities. Our outsourcing services can satisfy client requirements for a small percentage of the cost to recruit and retain full time employees, and our team is available for rapid response projects, thereby allowing the client to increase or decrease resources as required to accommodate workload.

    • Transparent Business Models – Our business models are easy to understand and completely transparent. Clients always know the status of a project and can easily navigate our organization to get complete, accurate information. Our reporting and communication processes ensure dependable, timely information exchange and we are flexible to the individual client need. We can provide specialized solutions to satisfy the needs of each organization and ensure that all client expectations are met.

    • Business Skills – Our management and business team has a wealth of domain expertise and relevant technical, administrative and business skills. We can address bookkeeping, financial or accounting needs and provide technical expertise for scanning or OCR requirements, support focused data entry or complex data conversion activities, or even perform product, market or other types of web research. No matter the client need, we have the skill and domain expertise to quickly analyze your requirements and design and execute an appropriate solution.

    • Global Experience – Our clients receive dedicated support, appropriate to their geographic, cultural, and technical environment and designed to address the rich diversity and business requirements of a global market. We are available to our clients six (6) days per week and we communicate by email, chat, telephone, video and other methods as appropriate. We understand the various and subtle differences in the industries in which our clients do business and we are prepared to support these unique needs.

    • Timely Delivery – We carefully analyze the project or support requirements of our clients and provide each client with a delivery date for task, milestone and project completion. We are sensitive to the importance of timely delivery and we pride ourselves in fulfilling our obligations and delivering the project on time and on budget.

    • Cost-Effective – Our fee structure is designed to provide optimum value and affordable cost. We do not add or supplement services or staff without discussion and client approval, and we optimize our routines and procedures so as to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time, using only those resources required.

    • Innovative – Our clients benefit from our fresh perspective. We do not rest on our technical or business laurels, but rather review every requirement and project with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and dedication to continuous learning and innovation. Our team is attentive to client needs, while at the same time, maintaining the spirit of exploration and bringing in new technology and a fresh approach to solve problems and create exceptional solutions.

    • Communication and Reporting – We are dedicated to open and honest communication with our clients and our reporting and communication flow and methodology is designed to enhance and support the exchange of information and to foster a collaborative environment in which a client-supplier partnership can thrive.

    • Client Focus – Our clients come first! We are focused on the client at all times and our business processes and project flow is designed to support this ‘customer first’ philosophy. If there is anything we can do to improve our services or to better satisfy our client requirements, we are open to the discussion and to a review and adjustment of procedures and methodology if appropriate. We are here to serve and we want our clients to think of us as members of their team.

    • Responsive and Dedicated – We pride ourselves in hiring the best people and in providing a training and growth environment to encourage client focus, learning new skills, and exercising of appropriate judgment and business acumen. Our team is responsive, friendly, professional and dedicated and we encourage our clients to demand the best in every interaction.

    • Ethical – Unisoft Datatech is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and good business ethics. We require our team to demonstrate and live this philosophy in all dealings with clients and with other team members. This philosophy supports our dedication to data security and the accurate fulfillment of every project requirement.

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