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    Unisoft Datatech Services

    Unisoft Datatech is a professional administrative back office data processing services provider company located in Ahmedabad, India. Founded in 2002, Unisoft Datatech is the preeminent supplier of back office administrative services, including the following services:

    Our services are dependable and affordable. We leverage our location in India to provide the best technical and business skills, global coverage and availability of services and cost-effective, affordable solutions. We pride ourselves on offering cutting edge technical skills and on finding the best, world-class solution for every client need.

    Our service offerings are broad and deep and we have experience in nearly every back office and administrative arena. If we do not currently provide the service you want, we will assess your needs, and explore and recommend new solutions tailored to your organization and to your requirements.

    A summary of our services is included here for your convenience. If you wish to explore one or more of our back office administrative service offerings, simply click on the links provided in each category below.

    Data Entry – Our data entry services incorporate all forms of text and content data capture and, where appropriate, we can combine these services with data conversion or other services for all types of data collection, generation, and manipulation and client requirements. Our data initial data input services, online data entry and offline data entry, image data entry, medical and insurance claims data entry and data entry through remote desktop servers. Our comprehensive suite of data entry services provides dependable support for clients who wish to focus on core competency.

    Data Processing – Our data processing services are flexible, affordable and designed to meet every client and project need. Data processing can include professional manipulation and processing of data from one form to another.

    • Translation of data into varied formats
    • Summarizing data in reports
    • Processing data in graphs, charts, statistical and ranking format
    • Product data for catalogues and marketing collaterals
    • Digitizing data from email, hard copy, scans, forms and other formats
    • Word processing tasks
    • Image processing

    Data Conversion – We provide conversion services from and to various file and media formats, including articles, magazines, newspapers, microfiche, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR), XML, and intelligent character recognition (ICR). Document conversion can take your documents to electronic searchable document formats as well as PDF, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, and other formats. We have extensive technical expertise in this area, and we can address simple and complex conversion requirements.

    Scanning and Indexing – Our scanning services include scanning with flatbed scanners, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR), and scanning and editing and indexing services. We also have stable, dependable partnership with other service providers and, where appropriate, we can provide specialized scanning services for high resolution, and rapid scanning tasks. The scanned images are stored and converted into any file format, to suit your needs, and to comply with the specifications of your document management systems. All data is verified and validated for complete accuracy.

    Forms Processing – The technical and business experts on our team can process both structured and non-structured forms. Whether your forms processing needs are for simple structured forms in tabular or columnar formats, or complex, non-structured forms like questionnaires or surveys, we can design and execute a solution to meet your needs. Depending on the forms, templates, formats and media, we can provide processing through tools or through manual data entry. We process all types of forms for businesses in many vertical industries including:

    • Insurance claim forms
    • Application forms processing
    • Surveys and questionnaires
    • Market research forms
    • Accounting
    • Tax forms
    • Resumes
    • Legal templates and forms
    • Email
    • Online forms
    • Invoices and billing, and many more.

    Web and Internet Research – Unisoft Datatech offers premium web research services to meet the needs of for a variety of client requirements. Our web and internet research services are the services most often requested by our global clients. We have business experts who can provide you with the best advice and consultation to design and execute an internet research project or web research project and deliver the business information you need for competitive strategy, pricing, product catalogues, marketing lists, or any one of dozens of other business critical information. In addition to research services to define business trends, refine strategies, and product planning, we also offer web research on a variety of subjects including history, politics, medicine, law, literature, finance, annual reports and performance, and more.

    Bookkeeping and Accounting – We have a wealth of experience in bookkeeping, accounting system configuration and financial accounting data entry, creation of accounting reports and financial reporting. We analyze, compile and record financial transactions with guaranteed accuracy and timely results, so your accounting and bookkeeping system is always up-to-date. We can process client invoices and purchase orders, time cards, periodic payroll, and credits, discounts and reports. We can provide daily logs and journals for cash receipts, cash disbursement and recurring transactions. Our professional accounting staff and bookkeeping staff can use, adapt and manage most of the popular accounting software, and financial accounting packages including Sage, QuickBooks, PeachTree, and others.

    Our bookkeeping services and accounting services include:

    • Analysis of client accounting systems, processes and requirements
    • Consulting with client accountants, as required
    • Analysis and appropriate adjustment of client chart of accounts
    • Consultation and assistance with selection of and installation of accounting system software
    • Periodic, daily, weekly, monthly and annual accounting and bookkeeping entries and reporting
    • Special reporting, export of reports to other formats and production of reports for third party submission
    • Additional reporting and analysis as required by client

    Unisoft Datatech services are quality and customer driven. We focus on timely, accurate project completion, no matter how complex the task; no matter how aggressive the project schedule. Our offshore outsourcing model provides flexible service offerings delivered from an advanced, state-of-the art facility by skilled professionals. We have a solution to fit every budget and client preference.

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