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    E-Pub Conversion Services

    EPUB stands for Electronic Publication and is a free as well as an open e-book standard introduced by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB files have .epub extension. EPUB is basically designed for maintaining a re-flow-able content, which means that, a reader of EPUB is leveraged with text optimization for a specific display device.

    Epub Conversion Services
    The major and crucial challenge in any project related to these services is retaining the available formatting in original print version. Diverse types of formats are available for e-Books, and it is vital to make the correct decisions. These services offer you a chance to choose the right type of solution pertaining to your exclusive requirements. Unisoft has gained a lot of recognition over past few years through affordable Epub Conversion Services, such as converting a PDF, a Word file, xml, book, scan documents, html, and Quark file to e-pub for all those major companies looking for a trustworthy entity offering impeccable solutions. Unisoft specializes in this domain with several eBook formats being imparted. This market segment has been the home for the company for over ten years, and under this platform we have worked intensively with various publishers to assist them convert both their backlists and front lists into multiple eBook formats.

    We are one of the well-known organizations offering a competitive price delivery, world-class and affordable Epub Conversion Services to clients all over the world mainly focusing on ePub and Kindle formats.

    Unisoft offers affordable Epub Conversion Services in Indiaand creates e-Books compatible with all the major eBook retailers inclusive of Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Amazon, Overdrive, Google, Gardners, Ingram and several others. We nurture a prompt, user-friendly and at the same time, professional attitude as well. Apart from this, our distribution network is a complete comprehensive package. We are a global company with all clientele base all around the world.

    Different Formats:

    Outsource Epub conversion services in India is the best way to aggrandize your business revenues along with minimizing operational costs significantly. The key benefits are:

    • Standard Formats (Mobi file for Apps and devices of Amazon, and ePub file for all different retailers) –These are suitable for books mainly with simple formatted texts and are not to be preferred with complex styles of formatting. These formats offer the largest distribution opportunities because of their compatibility with all the important eBook software, devices, and reading platforms pertaining to affordable Epub Conversion Services in India.
    • Fixed-layout Formats- If your book has lots of illustrations or images or the content style demands maintenance, and then Fixed Layout files would turn out to be the most appropriate manner to an eBook creation. Our services in this category comprises of pictured or complex layout books matching your expectations.

    Affordable Epub Conversion services in India

    Through our affordable Epub Conversion Services in India, we strive in leveraging the use of this service to our users at competitive prices. Ebooks, as well as e-readers are becoming increasingly popular with advancement. Also, e-books are going to stay here for a long time. So, do not overlook the opportunities created by the current technology. By handing your project over to Unisoft, you are guaranteed a functional, error-free and a properly-constructed e-book house.