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    Products & Services Research

    Unisoft Datatech has more than eight years of experience. We apply this experience to every service we offer, including our web research services and internet research services – the services most often requested by our global clients.

    Our business experts can provide you with the best consulting advice to design and execute a product research project or a services research project that will provide your organization with the best, most relevant, up-to-date information available. Whether your internet research project or web research project is meant to provide you with the business information you need for competitive strategy, pricing, product catalogues, marketing lists, or any one of dozens of other business critical information, we can provide accurate, timely product research or service research results at an affordable cost.

    The following list provides examples of the web research and internet research we can perform for your organization. If your project requires information of other types, we encourage you to contact us for further insight into our affordable, timely services.

    • Product research
    • Market research
    • Competitive research
    • Product specifications and warranties
    • User and technical manuals
    • Research and reports on financial results
    • Surveys and questionnaires
    • Research and creation of marketing distribution lists
    • Trending
    • Analysis and reporting
    • Mailing lists – customers, prospects, sales partners, distributors and more
    • Product features and functionality
    • Service portfolios
    • Outsourcing or offshore services
    • Niche markets
    • Industry and association information
    • Articles, blogs, and publications
    • Catalogues
    • Online Stores and eCommerce sites
    • Product and service pricing
    • Taxes
    • Shipping and distribution
    • Import and export
    • Customer demographics
    • Branding and corporate imaging

    We perform product research and services research for clients around the world in many vertical industries, including:

    • Banking and finance
    • Publishing
    • Education and local government
    • Hospitality and travel
    • Insurance
    • Legal
    • Supply
    • Supply chain, logistics and distribution
    • Healthcare
    • Engineering
    • Marketing and sales
    • Manufacturing
    • Research
    • Public Relations and Advertising
    • Technology
    • Consulting and professional services

    If you are interested in finding out more about Unisoft Datatech product research services or services research services, or one or more of our numerous web research and internet research services.