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    Financial and Accounting Services Projects

    Our project portfolio is diverse, and we have completed hundreds of projects for many types of clients. Some of our clients have used our financial projection services and accounting and bookkeeping services for more than five years with excellent results. These clients enjoy complete protection of proprietary and confidential data, and consistent quality output for cash flows, balance sheet projections and other financial and accounting reporting and financial management tasks. If your project or support needs require dependable, back office and administrative domain expertise, we encourage you to explore the examples provided in the various categories of our project portfolio.

    The following project descriptions illustrate a small percentage of the total projects completed. We encourage you to call us to discuss your specific needs and project requirements.

    • Client A- Our manufacturing process client supplied us with input in the form of a Cost Data Sheet. We analyzed the input and provided financial projections for an eight (8) year period. The client received separate projections for each phase of its three phase business process. In addition, we prepared more than 35 financial reports, including a projected balance sheet, a projected working capital assessment, a cost of project and means of financing report, and a projected cash flow.

    • Client B- This client was in start-up; preparing to open retail stores in the United States. The client provided us with a Cost Data Sheet, from which we extrapolated and analyzed information. We prepared more than 35 reports for the client, including a projected balance sheet, projected working capital assessment, project cash flow and financial projections for a ten year period.

    We have completed many other financial services projects, providing our clients with invaluable projections, reports and analysis to plan for business growth, for start-up costs and projected revenue and many other purposes.

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