Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Data Entry Services in India

Advantages & Disadvantages of Manual Data Entry Services India

Data by nature exist in physical forms and digitizing them requires data entry process to physical data to an electronic form using manual data entry process in the form of typing through the keyboard, imaging using a scanner or other types of capturing data element into electronic form. Because of human involvement in manual data entry activities, some advantages and disadvantages come with the manual method of data entry services.

Advantages of manual data entry service

The following captures some advantages of manual data entry service. When we consider the high demand for efficiency and speed, manual data entry some advantages when we think of the impact of manual data input on the overall success of digitizing data to achieve a high level of success.


Data accuracy in a computer data entry activity is of ultimate importance. Manual data entry is capable of being more accurate than automated data entry because of the level of care in handling a specific task. The human data entry operator can recognize and fix errors when spotted which may lead to fewer errors than in an automated system. However, the extent of manual data entry is more accurate when the method of operation in place lay more emphasis on data accuracy.

Inputting human sensible data

In cases where the machine is unable to distinguish from right or wrong in data quality, manual data entry provides the advantage of ensuring the quality of data entered into a system has high level of integrity. For example, when a product detail is being captured manually, it is possible to have high-quality products selected than is possible with automatic data entry.

Job creation

In an environment with employment challenges, adopting manual data entry system helps to create jobs and give people a means of livelihood. When job creation is the goal of a project, manual data entry provides more benefits to the people and government in jobs creation. With more jobs created through manual data entry services, the better the society.


Disadvantages of manual data entry service

The essence of digitizing data is to increase speed and efficiency to have more things done in a fraction of seconds. Imagine a situation where manual data entry is used in an environment where high-speed data processing system is installed; it will result in the system becoming slow and with buildup queue that will defeat the whole essence of process automation to increase speed and system efficiency. Therefore, the following are some disadvantages of manual data entry service.

Avoidable errors

The manual process is undertaken by humans who are not infallible in the performance of repetitive tasks. When a man faces a tedious job, he is bound to commit errors due to the dynamism of human nature, unlike a machine that follows a set of instruction and never gets tired unless when it breaks down.

Low speed of data entry

There is no way a man can compete with the machine in term of processing speed. In data security situation involving going through millions of items to check for data integrity and data validation to ensure high accuracy of data element going into a system, the low-speed nature of manual data input will cause system failure. Imagine a surveillance system where human is allowed to check every person entering a premise manually, the low speed in reviewing everyone incoming and outgoing people will create high traffic that may shut down the system.


In an environment where consistency of data is crucial to the success of the system, manual data entry service is always a disadvantage as maintaining consistency for humans is a challenging task that must be avoided.

High cost of training

One of the advantages of the automated system is the low cost of doing business, but using manual data entry system mean more personnel will be engaged to increase service delivery and each member of the workforce must be trained to meet the basic standard required to perform assigned tasks.

System vulnerability

Using the manual method of data entry can compromise the system where security is an issue. Classified information may leak, and sensitive data may develop legs and walk away and thus compromise the entire system.

The advantage and disadvantages of manual data entry notwithstanding, it should be noted that when data exist only in physical form, digitizing it will require manual data entry and in this case when your business is just going digital, you cannot avoid manual data entry. However, you can outsource your entry job to reliable outsource data entry services in India who you can trust to deliver your job without compromising the system they are contracted to build.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Manual Data Entry Services in India

Advantages & Disadvantages of Manual Data Entry Services in India