Different types of data conversion and its uses

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Whether you are a small or large business organization, you need data to run your business. In that light, the method of data processing you employ will determine your success. In the past, enterprises keep data in hard copies, referred to as analog data filing system. Such form of data is not suitable for a digital data processing environment. As the world becomes digital oriented, data conversion process is necessary to convert hard copy data into a digital form to support data processing activities.

What is data conversion?

The process of converting data from one format into another is data conversion. At the point of data entry, it is necessary to go through data conversion activity to prepare for digitalized data processing environment. Unless data storage follows proper digital format, data extraction in a digital business operation will be impossible. For you to accomplish a successful data conversion process, it is essential to understand other activities related to data conversion including data analyzing. It will be impractical to attempt data analysis without having your data in the proper digital format.

Types of data and their sues

Data exist in various forms; this is the reality in every business. The different types of data are as follows:

  • Voice data: This could be music or human voice recording or any other form of sound. Voice data may be used for authentication, user recognition, or as evidence for legal or business purposes.
  • Video data: This is the motion image of a person, object or place. The use may be for evidence in business or legal purposes. It can also be to provide a presentation of what a situation looks like. Sources of video data may be CCTV footage, or television program or drone captured video images.
  • Photo data: Photograph image is a form of data that can come as passport photograph, CCTV still photos from the surveillance camera or any other for a picture taken to provide business or legal evidence. It could also serve as customer identification document in a business transaction and for many other intended purposes.
  • Paper document data: Many organizations before they computerize keep series of paper documents including agreement, forms, invoices and receipts, letters, proposals and employee records, application and bio-data in paper forms. Document data will form a considerable part of the activity for data conversion and data entry in days to come once you computerize.
  • Product data: Product samples come in various states like in liquid, gas and solid matter. Scientific and business processing environment will need these forms of data in digital form and becomes another data conversion activity for your business.
  • Geographical data: The digital world goes beyond traditional data extraction process. Weather Information and other nature-related data need to go from their natural state to digital form to enhance your organization data processing and data analyzing activities.
  • Traffic data: Your Company needs to compensate for employee car mileage used. You need to monitor your motor pool’s transportation activities; various traffic data will come according to your need. Whatever you have must go through data conversion process to be useful for data processing and data analyzing purposes.

You also need to consider marketing, sales and business operation data that will be available in their natural forms before data conversion processes.

Implementing data conversion activities for your business

Due to the technical nature of data entry services in a digital-oriented business environment, the need for data outsourcing is essential. The old saying of never to reinvent the wheel is as valid as you aim to succeed in business. In this regards, it is best to outsource your data processing activities to an outsource company who has the resources to meet your need.

You need to think cost saving and business efficiency when considering how to handle the various data your company needs. If you want a reliable and service-oriented data outsourcing company in India, why not contact Unisoft Datatech as your data outsource provider. Unisoft Datatech is an Indian business with global clients’ perspective. You can count on their wealth of experience and technical competency.

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